INSIDE-STUDIO  offers a complete interior architecture and design service which is always individually tailored to meet each client's needs, style and budget.  We fully manage each project from concept through to completion no matter what size, with meticulous attention to detail, working with a team of highly skilled craftsman and using our extensive expertise and experience from lighting and bathroom design through to artwork selection and styling.


Once we have agreed a common vision for a project, we oversee every aspect of the design process, from acquiring planning approval, to hiring and managing the right team of specialists, to the positioning of the final vase of flowers.

Over the years, we has created interiors for a range of properties and clients, from traditional family homes to contemporary apartments.



We aim to help our clients realise their dream environment, whether at work, rest or play, in a new home, extending an old home, at the office or a place of worship. We specialise in various building types and design styles, from traditional architecture to contemporary design.

We work on small and large individual houses and entire country estates.


Your home is your sanctuary, and should reflect who you are. Rather than depersonalizing, as with home staging, interior styling focuses on adding character to the home by decorating to one’s taste and lifestyle in harmony with the elements and principles of design. 

We have sources. Sources that let us borrow all kinds of beautiful things, from vases to trays to art to the tiniest horn handled magnifying glass. 



INSIDE-STUDIO manages and coordinates all professional teams and suppliers who are responsible for the execution of our projects.

By managing our projects through all phases,  we ensures impeccable and timely delivery of our designs.

Project management is for the busy person who wants good design without having to address every detail themselves. We work to develop trust so we can implement your project and get you settled in your new space as soon as possible without you experiencing all the headaches and tedium of every tiny decision along the way.